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These qualifications are very flexible in their structure enabling the organisation and individual to choose the optional units which best suit their work situation and job role.

Like all MA, these qualifications are competence based. This means that it is linked to the candidate’s ability to competently perform a range of tasks connected with their work.

Candidates plan a programme of development with their assessor and compile a portfolio of evidence to prove that they are competent and knowledgeable in their work role

Courses Tailored to your Business Requirements

We work with employers in their efforts to retain and develop staff. Through working with us, we will design services that are tailor-made for your needs and involve both you the employer and individuals in the design of a learning strategy.

We also provide a wide range of flexible learning services, directly to individuals and employers.

Retail Level SCQF 5

Modern Apprenticeship

Retail Skills Modern Apprenticeships are aimed at people working in the retail sector.

You will find it appropriate if you:

Process payments for purchases.
Provide information and advice for customers.
Help customers choose products.
Give customers a good impression.
Help to keep the retail unit secure.
Promote loyalty schemes.

Retail Level SCQF 6

Modern Apprenticeship

Retail Skills Modern Apprenticeships Sales-Pro & Management Operations Modern Apprenticeships are aimed at people working in the retail sector.

You will find this appropriate it you:

Cash up in store.
Monitor secure use of till.
Manage a retail team.
Contribute to improvements.
Organise receipt of deliveries.
Maintain availability of stock.

Benefits of Modern Apprenticeships

A more Productive Workforce

Improvements in Service Quality

Increases in Morale

Reductions in Staff Turnover

Greater Awareness of Role & Repsonsibilities

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